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Álvaro Tirado Mantell


Musa is the deconstructed portrait of the emperor of the Mali Empire Musa Keita II, considered the richest person in history. Legend has it that on his trip to Egypt he gave away enormous amounts of gold for each town he passed, causing the local currency to devalue, being in this way a strong demonstration of his fortune. The artist portrayed him as an old man with a wise appearance and of course he transferred it to his personal style, deconstructing the head, breaking it, giving it more character or symbolizing the ephemeral. Furthermore, to represent the great wealth of the sitter, the edges of the pieces are covered in 14-karat gold, which, together with the black clay from which it is modeled, manages to stand out perfectly.



Polychrome clay covered with 14 karat gold.


30 x 18 cm


    La Galería de Arte Nika es un nuevo espacio de arte ubicado en Málaga, justo en la orilla del mar. Las salas están perfectamente diseñadas para exhibir diferentes objetos de arte y objetos de decoración artesanos.

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