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Liza Guseva


Material: paper glue, watercolor, cotton, antique cotton, antique lace.


    She walked for a long time along the road paved with red brick. Every passerby whispered to her “you’re missing....” “You’re not enough...”, “You should be...”


    The weight of these words pressed. Like drizzling rain penetrated into the very soul and hurt painfully.


    In a world of knights and shining armor, she became her own shield, fighting the dragons of condemnation, the monsters of public opinion and reproaches.


    Over many years of travel, over thousands of thousands of steps, she wove her own carpet of perseverance, thread by thread sewing together the threads of determination and self-respect, she realized that the true dowry, the real treasure is the perseverance and strength of her character, self-confidence and self-reliance, love and pride. She already has all this. She's rich. She is not dowerless.


    Embrace yourself and feel it.


La Galería de Arte Nika es un nuevo espacio de arte ubicado en Málaga, justo en la orilla del mar. Las salas están perfectamente diseñadas para exhibir diferentes objetos de arte y objetos de decoración artesanos.

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