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We have the first meeting with our partners – interior designers, design studios, people, those who help the customers to bring in arts into their homes.

The event starts at 17-00. We will get together and a bit of Champagne will help us to meet and learn each other better.

At 17-30 we plan for our guests a short introduction to the concept of the gallery and eventual concept of coo-operation between the gallery and designers.

We would invite all guests to walk through the gallery, to get acquainted with the exposition, to meet also some of the artists who’s works are available at the gallery.

And 18-15 we would invite all to a very specific and interesting presentation. It will be devoted to a very special kind of arts – hand made glass objects that can give any modern interior a stunning charm and uniqueness.

La Galería de Arte Nika es un nuevo espacio de arte ubicado en Málaga, justo en la orilla del mar. Las salas están perfectamente diseñadas para exhibir diferentes objetos de arte y objetos de decoración artesanos.

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