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He was born in kyiv in 1971. When he finished art school, he had the opportunity to learn more about different styles in the workshop of his father, who was the Honored Artist of Soviet Ukraine. From an early age he showed his love for painting, so he received classes in iconography, sculpture, jewelry and restoration. This dazzling artist has participated in international exhibitions since 1995.

He has lived and worked in Sakhalin, Moscow and in Israel, where he had his own forging and stained glass studio. He created his own technique – volumetric painting, combining paint with inlays of precious stones and pearls. His works are present in numerous galleries in Moscow, Jaffa, Germany, Italy, the USA and now in Spain.

The Mediterranean sun and the colors of the Costa del Sol have led Yul to create a new oil painting technique, called “color therapy”. The first exhibition of this collection took place in April 2013. His works have been widely accepted by the public and spread positive energy.

In July 2014 Yul has presented a new collection of work “Toros de Hanchas”, made on hand-carved wood and with the effect of aging. A few years later he followed up with another collection “White Villages of Andalusia”. It was presented at the Mijas House Museum in 2020 along with another collection in oil on canvas "The Faces of Spain"

Yul Hanchas continually works experimenting in different styles and always has new works to please the public.

Obras de este artista

Para adquirir estas obras y ver otras, accede a la tienda

La Galería de Arte Nika es un nuevo espacio de arte ubicado en Málaga, justo en la orilla del mar. Las salas están perfectamente diseñadas para exhibir diferentes objetos de arte y objetos de decoración artesanos.

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