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The artist Sergei Sologub was born in 1957 in Kirovograd, in the former Soviet Union. Today this city is part of Ukraine. He studied at the Sverdlovsk Art Academy (now Yekaterinburg, Russia) from 1978 to 1982, then at the Moscow Film School (Russia, 1982-1988). He has been working as a freelance artist since he moved to Germany in 1991. Landscapes, still lifes, technical themes and surreal metamorphoses characterize the pictorial worlds of Sergei Sologub. At first glance, they seem full of harmony. An ideal world opens before the viewer. One enjoys the pleasure of the accurate reproduction of the themes and the pictorial sophistication of the artistic design.

But then the second look: the presented world section turns out to be an ironic absurdity. Giant planes trapped in hangars that are too small, and never able to demonstrate their ability to fly. Suitcases that appear to be standing on the deck of a ship, with a view of a picturesque island town that suddenly mutates into a huge cruise ship.

Are you suddenly on the wrong side? The still lifes are arranged from books, bowls and other everyday objects, as if they were extracts from very banal everyday situations. But beware! A close look and thinking through the objects stacked on top of each other makes the impossibility of a stable construction clear. The seemingly ideal world is in fact completely unstable. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing is certain, especially perception.


Sergei Sologub has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions. His works have been exhibited in Prague (Czech Republic), London (UK), New York (USA), Mallorca (Spain), Knokke (Belgium), Cologne, Münster (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium) and Yekaterinburg (Russia).

Obras de este artista

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