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I combine my profession as a technician in social and health care for dependent people at home with poetry and sculpture. I worked for more than a decade in the metal industry, but vocationally I decided to dedicate myself to helping others in the healthcare industry. Years later I felt the call of steel again, this time in an artistic way, and I began to create sculptures in which I could capture the beauty of things and feelings along with poetry. Poetry and sculpture are passions and for me they go hand in hand.

Regarding the metal branch, I am qualified in locksmithing, metal carpentry and welding. I have mastered various soldering techniques, cutting materials and assembling structures.

In sculpture I am specialized in steel, I make my works without using molds or casting, I do everything by hand, my two most used tools being the welding machine and the radial grinder. A peculiarity of my works is that they are carved directly into the steel, whether solid or hollow, using only a radial grinder; The cutting, roughing, fine-tuning and sanding process is carried out exclusively with this machine, obtaining finishes that stand out to the observer.

My foray into the metal industry began in 1997, a stage that lasted about 11 years. I have done locksmithing, welding and metal carpentry in general. Collaborated in the construction of the structure of the Ángel Pericet Higher Conservatory of Dance in Málaga. Also part of the metal carpentry work team that was responsible for the renovation of one of the pavilions of the University of Malaga, as well as other structural and carpentry work in numerous buildings inside and outside the city.

I also participated in the restoration of one of the popular "pot fountains." These metal fountains were installed in Malaga back in 1878, there were a total of 39 units spread throughout the city, of which only 2 currently remain of a monumental nature that have been relocated and restored following the drawings of the engineer José María deSancha, in charge of the original project, and old photographs.


1997-2008 Metal carpentry, welding and locksmithing, steel specialty

2018 Alzheimer's. Work belonging to the private collection “MCMálaga Collection”. This sculpture was part of the exhibition “Art and Literature: Communicating Vessels”, at the Gerald Brenan House Museum.

2021 Publication of Poems “BiografíaIntemperie”, Jákara editors


Desire mouth:

work made for the 1st Erotic Narrative Prize, “La vie en Rose”, Jákara editors


- PoesíaesVino, vintage 2018: Ediciones Azimut, 2019. PozosDulces Collection, No. 3. Anthology Various Authors, including: José Infante, Álvaro Galán, Inés María Guzmán, Francisco Ruiz Noguera, Guillermo Busutil, Francisco Quintero, Antonio J. Quesada and José MaríaPrieto, among others.

- Biographical Outdoors: Jákara Editores, 2021. Poemary. Prologue by Luis Martínez de Merlo.

- Discard Anthology. Jákara Editores, 2022. La Vie enRose Collection. Several Authors, among whom are: Jesús Aguado, Felipe Benítez Reyes, Juan Gaitán, Álvaro Galán, José Infante, Rafael Inglada, Antonio Jiménez Millán, Karmelo Iribarren, Diego Medina Poveda, Ana Rosetti, Alfredo Taján, Juan José Téllez and Jorge Villalobos, among others.

- In the inner rhythm of memory (Tribute from the Ateneo de Málaga to the poet Inés María Guzmán). Ateneo de Málaga, 2022. Various Authors, including: María Victoria Atencia, Rafael Ballesteros, David Delfín, Álvaro García, Antonio García Velasco, JoséInfante, Rafael Inglada, Aurora Luque, Francisco Morales Lomas and Alfredo Taján, among others.



- First prize PTV Málaga in the “Manuel RodríguezPastor 2012” Poetry Contest.

- Second prize in the 2018 PoesíaesVino Contest. Málaga.

- Third prize in the 2011 Christmas Contest of the Malaga Writers Association.

- Finalist in the 2014 Umbral Poetry Contest. Valladolid.


Participation in recitals at the Provincial Council of Málaga, the Ateneo de Málaga, the Municipal Heritage Museum and in different poetic forums in cities such as Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, Bilbao, Sigüenza and Granada.

Obras de este artista

Para adquirir estas obras y ver otras, accede a la tienda

La Galería de Arte Nika es un nuevo espacio de arte ubicado en Málaga, justo en la orilla del mar. Las salas están perfectamente diseñadas para exhibir diferentes objetos de arte y objetos de decoración artesanos.

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