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Master class on ceramics with Liza Guseva


We will create a town on a plate from clay. Maybe not a city, but a lonely little house in a field, perhaps you want to plant a tree near the house, create a pond with fish, or even a whole lake in the middle of which there will be an island with a little girl daydreaming.

The master class will last 2 hours.

Price 35 euros.
All materials and tools are included in the price.

The finished product will be glazed, fired in a muffle furnace and after 2 weeks it will be available for pickup from Art Gallery NIKA.

La Galería de Arte Nika es un nuevo espacio de arte ubicado en Málaga, justo en la orilla del mar. Las salas están perfectamente diseñadas para exhibir diferentes objetos de arte y objetos de decoración artesanos.

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