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Elena Done (born 1973) explores the intricate interplay between figurative and decorative art, forging a deep connection in her creative endeavors. Her artistic inclination leans toward realistic portraits, meticulously crafted with a variety of materials and textures. Through this approach, she masterfully translates a recognizable figurative image into the realm of abstraction, where the figure itself takes on a secondary role. In her work, she seeks to redirect the imagination beyond mere representation, transcending the limitations of form and inviting viewers to explore the nuanced dialogue between subject and background.

The compositional dynamics in Elena's work give rise to intriguing narratives. What initially resides on the periphery of the background may, over time, become the focal point, while the previously prominent subject fades into a supporting element. This fluidity of perspective offers a dynamic visual experience, facilitating deep interaction between realistically rendered figures and dynamic, abstract or decorative backgrounds.

You cannot help but notice the energy inherent in Elena's artistic process. Employing thick, impasto brushstrokes, she builds layer upon layer, meticulously imbuing her creations with a sense of depth. This remarkable depth gives each work a distinctive personality and an aura of being alive.

Vibrant hues saturate Elena's canvases, infusing a vivid sense of vitality and vigor. Inspired by the sun-drenched environs of southern Spain, where cerulean skies mingle with verdant landscapes and flowers bloom in energetic strokes of pink, red and magenta, her palette embodies the everyday radiance of her surroundings, lending legitimacy to her artistic expressions.

Within her stylistic scope, Elena embraces a genre that could well be labeled as "Wonderful Realism." Perfectly fusing figurative painting with the ornamental, she incorporates decorative elements into her compositions and narratives. Rather than delving into fiction, the wonderful realism of it manifests itself as a fusion of the figurative and enchantingly magical context of the decorative. Ornamental decorations become integral parts of the composition and plot, giving life to the thematic content.

After a transformative journey from Eastern Europe to Western Europe, from a bustling metropolis to a serene Spanish town on the Costa del Sol, Elena's identity and artistic language have undergone a profound metamorphosis. By absorbing the rich artistic heritage of Andalusia, its cultural code has been imbued with its essence. Through the emblematic series "Siluetas Andaluzas", Elena quickly developed her own style, rooted in the principles of academic realism and adorned with decorative, almost abstract, collage-like elements in her paintings.

As for her artistic influences, Elena strives to rediscover the legacy of art of artists of the modern era such as Mikhail Vrubel, Vasnetsov, Belibin, Alfons Mucha and Gustav Klimt. Her works overflow with fairy tale images. She explores the interplay between past and present, reinventing ancient themes and striving to integrate the classical tradition into the mosaic context of postmodern culture. Mythological iconography and classical figures are rejuvenated with a contemporary approach and innovative techniques. Sometimes, Elena incorporates references, alluding to iconic works from art history, to explore aesthetic expressions throughout time. While she occasionally references other artists, it is a process of free associations, in which she re-explores mythological and classical narratives. Historical traditions are reformulated and reinvented within a contemporary context.


2020 - Goya Theatre, Puerto Banús, Marbella, Málaga

2021 – Casa de la Tejerinas, (Historical and Cultural Heritage), Estepona, Málaga

2022 - Casa de las Tejerinas, Historical and Cultural Heritage, Estepona, Málaga

2023 – Marina de Sotogrande exhibition hall, Sotogrande, Cádiz (group)

2023 – Art Gallery, Fuengirola, Mijas, Málaga (group)

2023 – Osvaldo Lobalzo Gallery, Guardiaro, Cádiz (group)

Obras de este artista

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