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Alvaro Tirado is a Spanish artist specialized in sculpture with a very clear idea of what art is. His intention is for his works to be part of the history of art, contributing to the development of current sculpture. His figurative and abstract style, very typical and easy to identify in this artist, is loaded with emotion and feeling. Said by people who have seen his works, it is as if all the energy does not fit in a container and has to break to get out of it.

Alvaro Tirado Mantell was born on April 29, 1998 in the city of Cádiz. There he began his primary and secondary studies at the San Felipe Neri school, upon completion he specialized in artistic studies at the Art school in this same city, studying high school in 2016 and finishing his training with a higher degree in artistic ceramics begun in 2018 during this period and later he learned oil painting from the talented teacher José Dorero.

After finishing his ceramics studies, he took the opportunity to go on Erasmus to Italy in 2020, specifically to Milan, to work with the master sculptor artist MatteoPugliese.

He currently resides and works in Chiclana in a workshop built in his own residence.


- Exhibition “Expressions and straight lines”. LuisGonzalo Gonzalez Cultural Center: Cádiz, March 2023.

- “Broken” Exhibition. San Juan de Letrán Center, Ubrique, Cádiz, July 2023.

- Individual Participation in the Marbella Festiarte. August 2023.

- Charity Exhibition at the kw Hercules Gallery, Chiclana de la Frontera Cádiz, Chiclana de la Frontera Cádiz, October 2023.


- Contemporary Collective Exhibition, Vic Barcelona, Abartium Gallery, curator Eva Cunill, June 2023.

- International Hall of Visual Arts, Montesquiu Castle, Barcelona, Abartium Gallery, curator EvaCunill, August 2023.

Obras de este artista

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